We have ended up with an error in our program book.  

Is you are attending Session 7: Neonatal Transfusion with Dr. Paul Eastvold we have the incorrect objectives listed in the booklet.  Please see below for the accurate course description and objectives.


7. Neonatal Transfusion Practice Speaker: Dr. Paul Eastvold

Level of Instruction: Intermediate Sponsor: United Blood Services Contact Hours: 1.5


This lecture will cover most of the current transfusion practices in neonatology and will also cover some of the more contentious topics as politely as possible. Remember, blood is an organ a tissue in every right like the other tissues of the body, and it doesn’t like too many roller coaster rides (centrifugations) before it makes it to its destiny, the recipient


At the end of the session, the participant will be able to:

  • Cover the more accepted transfusion practices for neonates and pediatrics
  • Cover the science behind the reasons we should not be doing some of the things to blood products for neonates that we do
  • Come to the end of the lecture with a healthy respect for the fact that human blood is an organ and it doesn’t like being “messed around with” too much before it gets to its final destiny, the recipient


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Hope you are all enjoying summer and getting ready for National Conference and looking forward to IMSS this fall!

We have a few changes to our program and an updated program speaker list for you!

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Social Events for IMSS 2015

Surfs up

Hope you are all looking forward to a great IMSS this year!

We have  many beach themed events planned for you!

There will be a shuttle to take you to and from the Snow King and the Pavilion so you won’t have to miss out on any of the fun!

We will be kicking things off with “Catch the Wave” on Thursday morning.

Also on Thursday will be a Surfing Safari Luncheon with the Vendors and a Beach Party at night with a silent auction

On Friday we will have a “Surf’s Up Welcome and Awards”  the High Tide Scientific Assembly and the Island Get-Away Banquet.

Sunday Morning we will be Hanging 10!

Click here for a printable schedule of events.


Catch the wave logo

IMSS 2015

DATES HAVE CHANGED FOR IMSS!!!! The dates are now October 1-3, 2015 in Jackson, Wyoming.

Scientific Sessions for IMSS Catch the Wave include the following:

  • Keynote Speaker Nadav Kaufman: Novel Biomarkers: Enhancing the Lab’s Value by Championing Improvements in Patient Care
  • Lynne Garcia: Medical Parasitology – 1) The World Continues to Shrink AND 2) The Importance of STAT Testing in Medical Parasitology (2 sessions)
  • Denise Driscoll, CAP: Meeting Competency Standards
  • Sue Galindo & Dee Johnson: Education in the 21st Century!
  • Keila Poulsen & Dawn Robertson: Hematology Extravaganza
  • Marina Kazakevich: Cancer Stem Cells Theory
  • Evelyn Graham: Platelets – Purpose, Pictures, and Problems
  • Dr. Paul Eastvold: Neonatal Transfusion Practice
  • Dr. Walter Kelley: Blood Bank Component Cruise
  • Dr. Dorothy Adcock: 1) Coagulation Potpourri AND 2) Evaluation of Prolonged PT and PTT (2 sessions)
  • Barbara Bachman: Workflow Analysis Using the LSS
  • Jewell Zweegman: HANG TEN!
  • Tony Gatherum: Molecular Testing in the Transfusion Service
  • Adam Birks: Molecular diagnosis of Group A Streptococcus
  • Dr. Joaquin Garcia: HPV and p16 Testing
  • Theresa Joseph: Universal Definition of MI and Troponin
  • Tina Mattox: Laboratory Forensics
  • Les Edinboro: Prescription Drug Monitoring

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Catch the Wave with IMSS 2015

Catch the wave logo

September 30- October 3, 2015

A few of the speakers include (subject to change) Lynne Garcia: Parasitology, Nadav
Kaufman, Product Director, Clinical Labs Ortho: How the lab can change patient care by promoting new markers to identify kidney failure, Dr. Nathan Adams: Oncology coagulation, Denise Driscoll, CAP: Meeting Competency Standards. Susie Zanto: Microbiology; Hematology;
Management: Blood Bank and more!

Attendees this year can earn up to 14 Continuing Education Credits!

Click HERE to download the flyer to post in your lab!

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Bring your donated items to the Silent Auction table at the event center Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. Thursday evening when you arrive for the exhibitors’ expo and silent auction, go to the silent auction table to pick your unique bidding number out of the hat. Enter your name, bidding number and contact info on the sign-in sheet. Use the bidding number to place your bid; when the time is up, if yours is the winning bid, come to the silent auction table to submit payment. The Silent Auction begins at 4:30 pm and ends with final bids at 6:50 pm. See you there!

Proceeds support both Breast Cancer Research and the Region VIII Leadership Academy. Support these 2 wonderful causes by donating and bidding on items. Bid high and Bid often!
Join us October 1st

Have you seen our list of social events for IMSS 2015? We will be hosting a variety of events for attendees! From Catch the Wave even opener to the Thursday night Beach Party and Silent Auction to an Island Get-Away Banquet you will not be disappointed! Hope to see you all there Catching the Wave! ...